Welcome to Forest Cascades

Profitable Coffee Farm (and much more) for Sale - $850,000

Why Costa Rica?

Because people live longer and are happier than just about anywhere else in the world and why not, with Universal Health Care and Great Education! .more.


Location - Why this property?

An hour from the beaches & and airport more


Imagine waking up in a room bathed in sunshine with the temperatures about 75-80 degrees year round and a view of the Pacific.  Sip a cup of the world’s finest coffee grown on your land. Walk to a swimming hole and waterfalls and eat a breakfast from freshly picked vegetables and fruits.


ForestCascades has identified areas for twenty titled building sites, wooded trails, agriculture, and a community center. There is even a tilapia pond for raising your own fish. Did I mention that there are 8 waterfalls.


And this is only the beginning; In reality, ForestCascades is successful, productive coffee farm. This year the harvest will exceed 18,000 pounds of coffee with a value of $36,000. The coffee from the farm is first quality Arabic beans raised in an environmentally friendly manner with shade and certification for sustainability from RainForest Alliance.  With less than 20% of the farm planted, there is easily room to double or even triple the coffee production within 5 years.


ForestCascades enjoys being both secluded and convenient. Located at the end of two public roads two miles from the small town of Berlin, the farm has a definite feeling of seclusion while in reality is just 5 minutes from town and 30 minutes from the major town of San Ramon, with all services. Adding to this convenience, ForestCascades is less than an hour from beaches, the international airport and all services.


Property For Sale

Ocean Views, waterfalls, woods, streams and lots of coffee. more


Coffee Production

18,000 pounds of Arabica this year with a goal of 50,000 by 2020 more


Property Development

Public Road Access, Pure spring fed water, electricity, interior roads more